If you are using any sort of voucher, please follow the instructions below to book your tour.

  1. Click "Book a Tour" from the TOUR tab
  2. Enter the number of people in your group
  3. Find the box that says COUPON CODE and enter 1 of the following codes depending on what tour you are reserving.
    PLEASE NOTE: All letters are lowercase and there are NO spaces in between the word "voucher" and the number.
    • Border Crossing Tour weekday tours enter code "voucher1"
    • Border Crossing Tour weekend tours enter code "voucher2"
    • St. Croix Beach Tour weekday tours enter code "voucher3"
    • St. Croix Beach Tour weekend tour enter code "voucher4"
    • Gateway Jr enter code "voucher7"
    • Gateway Glide Tour enter code "voucher5"
    • Taste of Stillwater Tour enter code "voucher6"
  4. Verify your total is now $0.00. Click submit and save.
  5. Make sure you verify the starting location of the tour by checking the address under the tour description on the website.

Why rent a Segway?

Segways can be used for any number of activities from recreation to business to medical! Below are just some of the reasons to rent a Segway today!


Tour The Bike Trails ★ Family Gatherings
Celebrations ★ Neighborhood Parties
Festivals ★ Parades ★ Date Night
Secluded Trail Side Picnic


Employee Transport ★ Conventions
Warehouse Efficiency ★ Team Building
Company Events


To And From Work ★ Errands
Local Events


Segway Is Part Of The
American With Disabilities Act
Special Needs Services Available