Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum age requirement?
A. 14 years old and all riders must weigh 90 pounds and no more than 300 pounds
Q. What should I wear/bring?
A. You should wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. No “shape up” shoes. You can bring a camera, bottle of water, and your own bike helmet if you want.
Q. Do you provide training?
A. Yes, we provide full training as well as safety helmets. You can bring your own helmet if you want to.
Q. Can my child ride with me?
A. For safety reasons only 1 person per Segway is allowed.
Q. Where can I go if I rent a Segway?
A. You will be allowed to put 8 miles on the Segway and the starting point depends what tour is going on at the time you set up for your rental. You will start your rental time and end it at the same place as the tour going on at that time.
Q. My grandma and grandpa want to go, but they don’t know if they can do it. How hard is it?
A. If somebody can walk a half a mile without a cain or walker and without falling down, they can ride a Segway.

Looking for a Segway?

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